Thursday, May 10, 2007

Terminal City Roller Girls First Bout

The Terminal City Roller Girls are Vancouver's first female roller derby league and this past Saturday at the Royal City Curling Club in New Westminster the girls hit the track. Tickets were hard to find for this sold out event; you pretty much had to know a rollergirl personally to get in. The lucky 500 fans who made the trek watched the Black Bandidas take on the Red Rollitas who've been practicing together since the league formed in January of this year.

The rules of a roller derby are hard to explain. I'd had them explained to me about a hundred times before the bout but it all made sense I when got there. Here's how it all went down:

The two teams played three twenty-min bouts (or periods for you hockey fans). Things were a little shakey off the top, as this was the first time any of the girls competed in front of an audience. Most of the girls stuck to the rules- 'no pushing/ elbowing' - but Suzy Shameless was one blocker who demonstrated how to play tough. Other star players included Chicka Bomb, Trophy Wife, Cinderhella, Lambaster and Rollergirl (who's been on four wheels since she was four).

By the end of the third period everyone was getting into it. I was on my feet screaming Ttake her down! Go! Go! Go!" Then just as quickly as it started the Black Banditas (who are comprised of two teams The Bad Reputations and The Faster Pussycats) had won. The score... well, I lost my notebook with that information and since it's not up on their website you'll have to take my word; it was close.

The rumors are the next bout will be in August with a much larger venue with 2000 seat capacity and thankfully not in New West. I'm betting those tickets will fly just as fast as the first bout. My suggestion is start making friends with these girls now. Which should be easy since they're all on MySpace.

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