Thursday, May 10, 2007

Comedy on the edge... of Bad Taste

This is from a Beyond Robson blog post I did. May 08, 2007

Tonight at the Soft-Core Comedy/ Variety Show, Aubrey Tennant and Paul Anthony will present the first known staging of a play written by Cho Seung Hui who killed 32 people in a school shooting at Virgina Tech last month . Apparently this 11-page piece was leaked to the Internet where the producers of tonight's show snatched it up . It's bound to be a serious glimpse into the mind (and poor grammar) of this deeply troubled kid.

Too soon? Yeah, probably.

Also on tonight's bill:
Graham Clark who is one of the funniest stand-ups in Vancouver.
Ryan LaChance (formally Sir Gimpy) who is said to "spew his hilarious wheelchair riddled rage." I'm guessing that's comedy.
April O'Peel with her appealing burlesque.
And Drag Queen, Jason Lomax will perform his infamous black-faced rendition of a beloved Whitney Houston Classic.

This is comedy on the edge of good taste. You've been warned.

The Soft-Core Comedy/ Variety Show at The Cobalt

Doors: 9 pm
Show: 9:30 pm
Cover: $5
The Cobalt - 917 MAIN ST

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