Friday, January 19, 2007

Teen Angst Poetry

From The Tyee and my book

Category: I Will Never Love Again

I broke up with my first boyfriend, James, because he cheated on me. I went away for the weekend and he made out with another girl eight hours after I’d left town. I was so hurt. We had been together for a month, which is forever in grade eight time.

I wrote this poem in between breaking up with James and getting back together with him. I think we were broken up for three days, during which he pleaded and begged for me to take him back.

And then I thought about it… well, there isn’t anyone else that is interested in me. I like his friends. If I stay with him for a little bit more maybe I can become better friends with them. Maybe he is sorry for what he has done. Maybe he didn’t mean to do it. So eventually, I did take him back, but then we broke up two weeks later when I dumped him for his best friend.

Yes, thirteen years old and I already knew how to play the game.

James Break up Poem

My eyes are going blind
glazed over and aglow
You say things that confuse my mind
Take you back?
I say NO!

My hurt did not leave
You took my heart
You are the thieve
My forgiveness you will not get
I wish, I wish we had never met

My emotions I will now keep
If i give them to you again
I know I'll weep

I'm closed up and alone
what I know now
I wish I had known
When the time comes you will pay
I wonder- just what you will say?

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