Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vancouver International Improv Fest

I remember in the 90s Improv was all the rage. At least I thought so, it seemed like "Whose Line is It Anyway?" was always on TV. But then what happened? Improv didn't disappear; I just stopped caring about it.

However Improv is on my mind again as I've become aware of the Vancouver International Improv Festival that's going on now and some of it actually sounds pretty cool. For instance there's going to be an improvised cartoon. Produced by Instant Theatre, this festival showcases a wide variety of improvisational styles from all over the world. In addition to showcasing some Improv's top dogs the VIIF also has it's own Festival ensemble, made up of top improvisers from all over, who work with top instructors in the day and then perform in the showcase at night. There are many shows to catch but only three days left. So get off your butts, turn off the computer and go out and see real people thinking on their feet.

Thursday June 7 shows at 7:30, 9:15 and 10
Friday June 8 shows at 7:30, 10 and 11:30
Saturday June 9 shows at 7:30, 10 and 11:45

The Festival pass is $40 and individual tickets are available.

Note: shows are at The Waterfront Theatre and the Revue Theatre on Granville Island check the website for full information.

WARNING- the website is very annoying to navigate. I hate Flash.

Website: http://www.vancouverimprovfest.com
Dates: June 05, 2007 - June 09, 2007
Tickets at Tickets Tonight or try your luck at the door.

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